Company Profile

At Solar Balance, we strive to provide the industry with commercial Photovoltaic (PV) solutions that harmonise and fill in the current gap between standard installations and engineered solutions. Our experience in the power utility networks allows us to see both sides of the coin, giving us the understanding of your energy requirements, as well as the requirements to integrate into existing infrastructure.

  • Design your Commercial Solar Power System with Solar Balance - based in Perth WA
  • Solar Balance - Engineer Designed Commercial Solar Solutions


Our principals and key engineers have a combined 90+ years’ experience in energy and renewable energy project design and delivery. We understand the challenges businesses face in dealing with rising energy prices and increased regulation, which makes it harder to access renewable energy. Solar Balance was established to offer affordable, effective solar energy and storage systems to businesses, whatever their circumstances.

    Rod Hayes
    Group Chief Executive

    Rod has held senior management and leadership roles in the Australian Energy and Water Industries for the last 15 years. Rod was the inaugural Managing Director of Horizon Power from 2006 until December 2010. Horizon is responsible for the provision of electricity to most of regional Western Australia. During his tenure, Horizon developed into a national and international leader in the area of remote essential services provision.

    Gary McDonald
    Business Development

    Gary is a principal of Solar Balance and has extensive experience in the importation and distribution of solar product. He sourced, introduced and invested in the certification and approval for BYD energy storage systems in Australia. Gary’s focus has been to develop a high tech product that would stabilise renewable energy, with particular interest in LifeP04 batteries and smart management systems. His goal is to pursue more advanced and greener technologies for future generations.

    Dr James Darbyshire
    Project Engineering Manager

    James holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering - Renewable Energy, Power Electronics, Power Generation and Control Systems from Curtin University of Technology. James has extensive experience in the design, installation and commissioning of mini-grids, micro-grids and utility scale solar systems in remote locations. He has designed and installed over tens of MWs of photovoltaic solar systems incorporating inverters, charge controllers, batteries and diesel generation for various projects across Australia and Asia.

    Peter Storto
    General Manager

    Peter is a project and business management specialist with over 12 years’ experience in Utilities, Resources, and Telecommunications sectors. His proven experience in supporting and delivering projects is supported by his accreditation of Certified Practicing Project Manager by the Australian Institute of Project Management.

    Exposure to a broad range of projects, coupled with the completion of various certifications, has given Peter industry knowledge and great insights into many industries, specifically around the latest economic and technology developments. Peter’s enthusiasm to press forward whilst upholding a high level of customer engagement is a key attribute in his delivery technique.

    Shijo Samuel
    Sales Engineer

    Shijo holds a Masters in Engineering Studies - Electrical and Power from University of Wollongong, NSW.  Shijo brings extensive knowledge to our account management and business development in the energy industry, serving: electrical contractors and end clients in mining, power stations, gas pipelines and utility sectors across Australia and overseas. At present his business development role involves working with potential customers, who will benefit from Solar Balance's superior capabilities to provide commercial PV systems and energy storage solutions, connected to the Western Power and Horizon Power Network.