Solar Power & Energy Storage for Horizon Power Customers

Yes, solar power is available for business, commercial & government in regional Western Australia!

  • Solar Smoothing Horizon Power Network
  • Solar Smoothing Horizon Power Network
Solar Power in the Horizon Power Network

At Solar Balance, we provide complete solar power and energy storage system platforms on which people can build their businesses. Solar power with storage reduces your electricity costs and gives you energy security.

Solar smoothing is a key requirement for Horizon Power Network customers to connect commercial solar PV. It allows your business to stay connected to the grid while enjoying the cost savings and environmental benefit offered by solar. Solar Balance delivered the first solar smoothing project in regional WA and we have delivered more successful, fully compliant solar smoothed projects in the Horizon Power Network than any other provider.

A Solar Balance, Engineer Designed System contains everything you need to use and store solar power to get the most from your solar investment. All Solar Balance Systems are supplied ready to meet our client’s needs - on or off-grid.

Technically advanced, our systems integrate batteries, solar and inverter equipment in a single unit. The ultra-fast AC transfer switch guarantees that even sensitive loads like computers will keep operating smoothly when the grid fails. The bi-directional, CEC approved inverter provides true sine wave performance for excellent power quality.

Why use your business capital when you can offset a Solar Balance Engineer Designed Commercial System with Energy Storage from the savings to be made from your electricity bills post installation.

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  • Unique engineered renewable power systems designed and fabricated in Perth, WA
  • Reduce your electricity costs & avoid future price increases
  • Store your solar power for your energy security
  • In-house engineering team, which includes National Engineers Register (NER) accredited engineers
  • Consultative assessment approach
  • Utility application management
  • Superior products specified and sourced through a qualitative design & procurement process
  • Experienced project management, which includes Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM) accredited project managers
  • Solutions derived from expansive utility industry experience; Our principals and key engineers have a combined 90+ years’ experience in energy and renewable energy project design and delivery
  • Clean Energy Council accredited installers
  • Tailored system documentation and handover approach
  • Buy local preferred delivery approach
  • Engagement with local university research development programs
  • Operational support and monitoring to ensure optimal system performance and longevity
The Solar Balance Difference?
  • Engineer designed solutions
  • Smart battery storage technology
  • Needs assessment & options analysis
  • Our principals and key engineers have a combined 90+ years experience in energy and renewable energy project design and delivery.
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