Commercial Solar Battery Storage Solutions

A Solar Balance engineer designed Solar Installation with an integrated Energy Storage System is a modern energy power solution which can be used grid integrated and/or stand alone.

  • solar energy storage batteries
  • solar energy storage batteries
Commercial Energy Storage Battery

Storing your solar power protects you from power cuts and ensures that you have energy security for your business. It's our belief that it's better business to invest in your own energy system than to pay for electricity that will in all likelihood keep increasing in price, year after year. Renewable energy enables more productive activity, with greater social benefit and less harm to the environment, for less money.

We have worked with our key suppliers of PV Inverter and Battery products that adhere to the standards and technical rules required for all commercial installations.

Our systems can also be configured to comply with any utility company’s requirements or to operate off-grid with or without diesel power generator backup.

An integrated ultra-fast AC transfer switch guarantees that even sensitive back-up loads, like computers, never know when a utility outage occurs. The bi-directional inverter can provide high quality true sine waveform power for the load. In addition, the working mode of the Energy Storage Battery can be selected and adjusted to meet different energy storage requirements.

Features & Benefits:

  • On-grid and off-grid application available
  • Excellent power management function providing an unattended power supply solution
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Assist with minimising grid reliance and reducing peak demand loads
  • Functioning as UPS to provide an uninterrupted power supply to the workplace
  • High security, stability and reliability


  • Communication base station
  • Small commercial or industrial area
  • Areas with electricity price difference between peak period and off peak period, abundant sunshine, unreliable grid or government incentives, etc.
Why Solar Balance?
  • Engineer designed solutions
  • Smart battery storage technology
  • Needs assessment & options analysis
  • Our principals and key engineers have a combined 90+ years experience in energy and renewable energy project design and delivery.
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