Kimberley Land Council Broome WA

50KW Solar PV + 80KW Energy Storage

This Solar Balance engineer designed installation complete with energy storage batteries (ESS) was the first solar smoothing product to meet Horizon Power generation management requirements in the Kimberley.

  • Kimberley Council Commercial Solar Installation WA
  • Kimberley Land Council Commercial Solar Installation WA
Description of Commercial Solar Project :

Project currently being undertaken. Images and details will be made available soon.

Energy storage was required to provide backup power so the new building could serve as a cyclone shelter for community members. For this project, the Solar Balance System comprised a 50kW cyclone rated, roof mounted solar array and two 40kWh energy storage units. The energy storage station will provide emergency power in the event of a grid outage. This 50kw system will greatly minimise the clients power costs in the systems service lifetime, freeing up vital budget funds for more productive endeavours which would otherwise have been spent on electricity.

This renewable energy system with energy storage also significantly reduces the Kimberly Land Council's Carbon Foot-print.

Solar Installation Details :
  • Project : Solar and Battery System
  • Capacity : 50kW
  • Storage : 80kW
  • Location : Broome, WA
  • Date : -
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