Solar Power & Energy Storage Batteries

At Solar Balance, we provide complete solar power and energy battery storage systems: Platforms on which people can build their lives and businesses. Solar power coupled with modern state of the art energy battery storage technology will significantly offset electricity costs, and provide energy security to keep you powered like never before - even when the sun goes down.

Our engineer designed energy systems stores the excess energy harvested from the solar panels into an integrated storage battery bank. This stored energy can then be used at night, or is available to act as a backup to your solar panel system during extended heavy cloud events. Modern solar + energy storage systems at Solar Balance offer “plug and play” solutions - giving our clients intelligent control of their energy use, be it for their homes or businesses. We provide a turn-key service from needs assessment and options analysis, through to commissioning. We also offer performance monitoring, maintenance and reporting services and development of asset management plans. With our engineering and utility background, we have a track record for handling complex renewable energy integrations for several commercial and utility clients both in Australia and Oceania.

We also developed the solar smoothing application with BYD and we are the exclusive distributor of this product in Australia and Oceania. BYD is a diversified, multinational company with over 150,000 employees. They are a world leader in the development and manufacture of Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries, energy storage systems and PV modules. BYD also manufactures components and products for IT industry clients such as HP, Samsung and Dell. BYD maintains a strong Electric Power Research capability and can quickly adapt and develop products to meet customer requirements.


Energy Storage Batteries

How Solar Energy Storage works

Storing your solar power protects you from power cuts and ensures that you have energy security for your home and business. It's our belief that it's better business to invest in your own energy system than to pay for electricity that will in all likelyhood keep increasing in price, year after year. Renewable energy enables more productive activity, with greater social benefit and less harm to the environment, for less money.

We have developed PV Inverter and Battery products which adhere to the standards and technical rules required for installation that will suit both residential and commercial customers.

Our systems can also be configured to comply with any utility company’s requirements or to operate off-grid with or without diesel power generator backup.

Energy Storage in the Home

There are ‘off-grid’ energy storage systems which hold a charge that you use for yourself, ‘on-grid’ systems that let you feedback spare capacity, and grid connected systems for local communities.

Energy Storage at Work

As well as the obvious benefits from integrating solar energy sources, having an energy storage facility at work helps protect from power outages. Also easy to install and maintain, these help serve up an uninterrupted power supply, whatever the conditions or complications.

Industrial Support

Such is the flexibility of modern storage solutions; they can be used to back up larger industrial facilities. Packed as containers they are fully transportable, helping deliver power in more remote locations.

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